Tips for Dental handpiece Importers When Buying Dental Handpiece from China

A dental handpiece is a vital instrument for any dentist. These invaluable tools were first introduced in the 1860s to the field of dentistry. This period saw the introduction of two types of dental handpieces. These two types of dental handpieces have evolved a lot during the last century to become more sophisticated and well suited to their modern application.

Through the years, this tool has undergone many improvements, redesigns, and configurations. These developments make the modern dental handpieces able to a wide variety of operations.

Not only can modern dental handpieces be used to perform ordinary dental operations. They can also be used to execute more complex operations such as surgical removal of dental tissue, tooth restoration, preparing for root canal operations, and implantation of dental implants. Modern dental handpieces come with several angular attachments, which further improves the efficiency of dentists.

When investing in dental handpieces, quality is the first thing to be put into consideration. China produces and supplies a good number of dental handpiece brands. This article will furnish you with tips that will help you purchase and import dental handpieces from China. Before we go into the tips, we shall briefly discuss the types of dental handpieces you will come across in this industry.

Types of Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces have been divided into two major types; electric dental handpieces and air-turbine dental handpieces. The choice of the handpiece greatly depends on the dental practitioner.

  • Air-turbine Dental Handpiece.

This type uses compressed air to operate cutting instruments of a dental handpiece. It is cost-effective and can be easily maintained. It can also be easily maneuvered due to its lightweight.

Air-turbine-operated dental handpieces can achieve high speeds of up to 400,000 revolutions per minute. However, the major drawback of an air-turbine-operated dental handpiece is that it has low torque. This means initial r.p.m reduces by almost half when it hits the hard surface that has to be cut.

  • Electric Dental Handpiece.

The other type of dental handpiece is the electric dental handpiece. It is operated by powerful electric power. Electric handpieces have lower revolutions per minute. This, however, is made up for by the higher torque it generates.

Electric dental handpieces are very versatile as several hard-ons can be fitted to suit any dental procedure. These are also quieter than their air-turbine counterparts.

However, electric dental handpieces’ major drawback is their susceptibility to overheating, just like any motor-operated device. Overheating can cause third-degree burns to the patient. Another disadvantage of electric dental handpieces is that they are considerably heavier than air-turbine-operated dental handpieces.

Other categories of classifying dental handpieces include:

  • High-speed dental handpieces
  • Low-speed dental handpieces
  • Add-ons dental handpieces

Tips for Importing Dental Handpieces from China

Dental handpieces form a significant part of the investment in dental equipment. Purchasing dental equipment that runs properly has a great influence on the smooth running of your business.

Highlighted below are some of the tips that will help you purchase and import dental handpieces from China.

  • Identify a Reputable Supplier

Many new importers fear the risk of a supplier accepting money and failing to deliver the purchased dental handpieces resulting in a loss of time and money. To avoid this risk, you need to find a reputable supply of dental handpieces.

 You can find a trustworthy supplier through online reviews. You can also find client testimonials from the supplier’s website. You can also seek recommendations from friends who have experience in the import business.

  • Consider the Legal Framework

All imports require proper documentation both from the exporter and the importer. The paperwork will require certification on the origin of the goods.

In some countries, such as the USA, all dental equipment is classified as class I medical equipment by the FDA. Manufacturers have to undergo stringent quality checks before being allowed to sell their products in the United States. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure that the dental handpieces you buy are FDA approved.

It would help if you also were wary of counterfeit dental handpieces. The harm caused to a patient by a counterfeit has detrimental outcomes to the practice of a dentist. Just like any other medical equipment, it is illegal to use counterfeit dental handpieces.

  • Method of Shipment

You can choose the most convenient mode of transport depending on the time you require the equipment to be delivered and the transportation budget. Air and sea transport are your available choices. Your exporter can advise the best-suited shipment method.

It is also important that you find the available loading ports in China to ease the tracking of your equipment. When it comes to dental handpieces, packaging during transportation is important. You can specify your packaging needs to your supplier.

  • The Cost of Shipping When Importing from China

When importing dental handpieces from China, you need to understand the cost of shipment. Shipping costs results from the following:

  • The overall cost of transportation from the outlet port in China to your home port.
    • Customs duty to clear your items for entry into your country. You need to research the customs authority policy on importation beforehand.
    • The transport of your goods from your county’s port to your location.
  • Consider the Transit Time

It is not a secret that goods ordered from China always take a long time before arrival. It can take up to 3 months for goods shipped from China to arrive at American ports. You should consider this when importing dental handpieces from China by sea.

If you need your equipment urgently, you can consider shipping it by air freight. This will be significantly more expensive than shipment by sea and only viable if you are transporting only a few units.

  • Make Trial Orders

Order a few samples first for trial purposes before going heavy on investment. A trial sample will help you to understand the whole import procedure while taking minimal risks. The trial order should not be more than a few US dollars.

  • Always Employ Experienced Quality Control Services

Employing a quality control service will ensure that you import dental handpieces that are in good condition and meet the safety regulations of your country. The process involves visual inspection to make sure that there is no visible damage to the items and the materials are of top quality.

The quality control service company you hire also makes sure that the equipment you are importing meets all the industrial standards requirements. The Professional also checks the dental handpieces for proper working order.

  • Consider The Best Available Payment Method

As it has been earlier stated, find and deal only with reputable supplies. For expensive equipment such as dental handpieces, you need to go through all the available payment options and choose that which. Here are some payment methods that are best suited for international purchases.

  • Payment methods for smaller transactions- These methods are mostly made online and have no paperwork involved. Because of the lack of supporting paperwork, the safety of the buyer is not guaranteed. Online payment methods include; Esquire, Paypal, and Western Union.
  • International Wire Transfer- This is the oldest and more traditional method of payment. It can be used to make small to medium size payments. Here the first half of the purchase is wired for the production of the dental handpieces to begin. The other half is paid once the production is completed and is ready for shipping.

This method is risky for both the buyer and the manufacturer as both can lose money. The buyer can lose money if production ceases due to an accident. The manufacturer can lose money if the buyer backs out of the deal.

  • Letter of Credit; This is the most secure method of payment. It involves additional paperwork and is ideal for large amounts of above $30,000. Banks charge more for the application of the Letter of Credit.
  • Hire third-party sourcing companies; This is another more secure method of payment. The payment goes through a trusted sourcing agent and also gives you the advantage of cash on delivery.
  • Cash payment; Making cash payments is very risky, and you should tread carefully. You should make cash payments if and only if you fully trust the supplier or the manufacturer.
  • Reduce Risks by Having a Good Contract

Having a contract with the supplier or the manufacturer that clearly outlines the terms of production and delivery will greatly reduce the risks that you have to face. The contract must also include the type of currency to be used and the method by which the payment should be made.


This article has clearly outlined the types of dental handpieces that are available in the market. Many people still shy away from making purchases and importing goods from China because of the risks that are involved. We have discussed some tips you can take to minimize the risks. After reading this article, buying and importing dental handpieces from China should not be difficult anymore.