Teeth whitening machine


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The whitening device D6GG is a new type whitening. Technology,based on the condition of Strong blue LED light and whitening kit accelerant.By the character of nanometerpellet on the surface and light decomposition, activate the most H2O2 in short order on low or normal temperature.Produce mass oxygen atomy permeate teeth and decompose color molecule,to meet the effect of teeth whitening.

1 Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz
2 Voltage 30W
3 Wave length 420-480mm
4 Light Size 33*74mm2
5 Adjustable timer 0-20min
6 Light resource 10 pcs high power LED
7 Power Instability <1%
8 Package weight 2Kg

(1).The specifical wavelength and high density light speed Catalyze whitening gel.
(2).10 powerful LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light. 
(3).Special design,innocuous silica gel muzzle,make sure stopping intersectional infection. (4).The new model of power supply make sure steady power output and long-time continuous working even in some cities and places with mutativevoltage.
(5).Time display screen shows the whitening time clearly to both dentist and patient.


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