Magnification Binocular Lopes


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Dental 2.5-3.5X Color Magnification Binocular Surgical Loupe Magnifying Glass

 1. dental surgical loupes
2. Magnification: 2.5X,  3.5X
3.  Working distance: 360mm~420mm
4.  Frame plastic glasses with antifog
5.  good quality with clear image
6.  Depth of field: 60mm
7.  Field of view: 70mm
8.  Lightweight design
9.  4 colors: red, blue, silver, red
10. Weight: 850g
11. Certificate:ISO9001:2008,CE

1.Handy Protective Carry Case
2.Safety Soft Touch Frame
3.Flexible Headband
4.Large Field of View
5.Convenient 420mm Working Distance
6.Ultra Light Weight (75.0 grams)
7.Adjustable Angular Viewing
8.One Step Pupillary Adjustment


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