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Keep Your Patients Comfortable and Happy with Our V6 Kids’ Dental Chair

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes patient safety during dental visits and procedures as an essential component of oral health care. Kids’ dental chair provides more safety because of its compact size compared to a traditional dental chair.

Aside from structural differences, which may be regulated by local, state, or national laws, other design features are planned in kids’ dental chairs like padded, fabric straps, which are commonly used to immobilize children for dental work. With our dental chair, children are safely placed on these straps wrapped around their bodies and legs. The restraints are applied quickly to keep kids from struggling and resisting treatment, thus preventing injuries.

Movement around the patient’s head is also important; for that an adjustable headrest like ours is desirable. Unlike other brands in the market now which has thin upper backrests, which are quite wide through the shoulder area, our V6 is just about the right size. This will not inhibit close positioning and optimal accessibility, which are important when treating kids.

The design and size of our dental chair also reduce the risks of developing musculoskeletal discomforts by promoting proper body posture and positioning during clinical procedures both for the dentist and the patient. Proper positioning of the child patient can also lead to better treatment and increased productivity.

Spittoon is also an important part of a dental chair and it is easier for a child to reach it on a kid’s dental chair because of its size and close proximity. With our design, the spittoon is easier to reach compared to traditional chairs.

The instrument tray is yet another necessary and useful dental chair parts for every dentist. This holds all the needed instruments for a procedure. The way every dentist work is different. There are some who are left-handed and prefer a specific position. Our movable tolly tool tray makes it easier for everyone to work, regardless of your handedness.

Our LED operation lamp is high-intensity and concentrates the entire beam of light inside the kid’s oral cavity so you can work without any problem. V6’s multi-function foot pedal also helps regulate the chair and activate the different instruments and systems effectively.

Our V6 is one of the first and most unique kids’ dental chairs available in the market today. All children love the chair and feel more comfortable being worked on by their dentist on the V6 chair.

Creating a great atmosphere that kids love is also key to a successful dental office. What more can help your patients relax than a beautiful dolphin and wave cartoon design? Our kids’ dental chair will help your patients realize that going to the dentist really isn’t scary at all, which makes the procedures for the child, parents, and dentists easier!

Unfortunately, many general practitioners prefer the standard dental chair for their clinics as it can accommodate both adult and children patients. However, the comfort that a kids’ dental chair provides is incomparable. Pediatric dentists are encouraged to invest in kids’ dental chair for ease of use and safety, especially of the patient.

A well-designed kids’ dental chair like ours is of paramount importance to the comfort and health of both the dentist and the patient. If you get a dental chair that fails to include a good design and features that are suitable for you and the kids, you’ll end up either living with it and develop musculoskeletal problems or sell it at a much lower price and finally invest in the right one. Neither is an attractive and cost-effective option. It makes more sense to invest in the right kids’ dental chair once and enjoy using it long-term.

Our company is coming up with more amazing solutions that will work for your pediatric office to help make the trips of kids and workflows much more successful and enjoyable! Contact us today for a quick quote and consultation!


Standard Accessories:
High-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set
Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
3-way syringe(cold and hot) 2 pieces 
Strong and weak suction 1 set each 
Adjustable headrest 1 set 
Double armrest 1 set
Movable tolly tool tray 1 set
6-position for handpieces, syringe, scaler and electric micromotor
Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
LED operation lamp 1 set
Lamp arm 1 set
24V Opg X-film viewer 1 set
24V DC motors 1 set
Assistant control sytem with control panel 1 set
Water purified system 1 set
24V Water heating system 1 set
Water bottle 1 pc
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set
Glass cuspidor 1 set
Multi function foot pedal 1 set
Dentist stool CX-142 1 piece
Micro fiber leather cushion 1 set
Solenoid valve 2 pcs
ABS plastic covers 1 set
PVC air and water tubes
All kinds of copper valves
Without memories
Chair frame without linked movement 1 set
Without safety system
Dolphin & wave cartoon design
Without options(handpieces, scaler,curing light,air compressor,Oral camera system )
Packing size: 142*100*135cm 16unit/20GP, 32unit/40HQ
Test report: IEC60601-1, IEC60601-2,ISO6875, ISO7494-1,ISO7494-2.RoHS


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