Dental Panoramic Machine



  • Radiograph ModePA/CE
  • Anode Voltage60-90 KV
  • Anode Current2-10 mA
  • Exposure TimePA:17s / CE:12s
  • Imaging Height11 cm
  • WeightCT: 265 k


Accurate diagnosis and better treatment on diseases of full dentition and jaw.
Perfect tomographic scan and HD panorama imgae by combined motion of X-Y axis and rotation structure.




The choice of orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery.
Dual-level alignment adjustment system contributes low-dose radiation, sharp-grade and HD cephalometric image.


AI Orthodontic Analysis System

6 Advantages

The helper of an orthodontist

  • Intelligent

    A new generation of
    artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Efficient

    One-click to
    generate analysis report

  • Precise

    The highest
    accuracy rate is 99.12%.

  • Flexible

    Arbitrary combination of
    measurement functions 12
    measurement methods free to use

  • Convenient

    Online softeare
    avaliable anytime

  • Stable

    Cloud computing
    and cloud storage