Dental Micro Motor


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1 Voltage AC 100/220V
2 Max Speed 50/60Hz
3 Power 160w
4 Max Speed 60,000 Rpm
5 Max torque
6 Handpiece (Made in China) E-Type
7 Bur size 2.35 or 3.0mm
8 Shipping Weight 4Kg

1.Open Power Switch -ON/OFF,Double 8 digital tube will display two zero (0:0)
2.Electric motor handle interface.
3.Right and Left Turning Ability.
4.Pedal Control Switch.
5.Wide range of speed adjustment knob 0-50,000rpm.
6.Brushless motor,Small size, large torque, high power, high efficiency, high speed, low noise, low heat, long life.
Packing List:

1 Micromotor 1pc
2 Foot Pedal 1pc
3 60000 rpm Handpiece 1pc
4 Wrench 1pc

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