Dental LED Curing Light


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Dental Rainbow Wirelss Metal Body LED Curing Light


1 7 Colors (Silver, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Red, Gold.)
2 3 working modes.
(Full mode, The cresceddopatten mode, Flash mode)
3 Constant light intensity during whole operation
4 Standard yellow digital display, blue digital display for option.
5 High articulation fiber optic light guide
6 Good battery design, each end
7 Elegant package, more durable and more protection


* Colourful bionic handle design.
* Different time for choice : 10s. 20s, 30s, 40s.
*Articulation Fiber optic light guide .
* Constant light intensity output ,it will not be effected whatever the battery     is lower or full power.
* High efficency for exchange rate from electricity to light.A full charge can be used for more than 200 times continoursly .
* Using USA imported circuit chips.
* Using BYD battery
* The standby time can be 1 year.
* Aumatically detection function of  charging voltage
* Double protection board for battery