Dental Delivery Unit


Thank you for your interest in our product of Dental Delivery Unit. It is a multi-
purpose energy-saving mechanotronics product developed by our company in
combination with dental clinical experience which has the advantages of small
size, convenient movement, beautiful appearance.

low power consumption, simple maintenance, safety and durability, and mainly
used in oral health treatment in clinics and hospitals.Our mobile dental turbine
unit equipped with air compressor, gas storage tank, filter pressure reducing
valve, water purification bottle, saliva bottle, etc which can provide stable dry
and clean air for high and low speed hand-piece While the water purification
bottles provide a clean source of water for high and low speed hand-piece and

It is popular among dentists since it is light, easy to operate and maintain
Therefore it is an excellent substitute

The Dental Delivery unit equipped with an oil-free air compressor that
provides stable and clean air for high and low speed hand-piece.BY controlling
the opening and closing of the solenoid valve through the foot switch to
achieve the purpose of controlling the high and low speed hand-piece.

The water purification bottle relies on a pressure reducing valve to adjust
the pressure of the air input gas of the air compressor to provide the three-
purpose gun and the hand-piece with a water source. The built-in transformer
provides a safe and stable low voltage power supply for the dental handpiece.
The suction system uses an internationally advanced fully enclosed internal
circulation method to give you a continuous, strong suction.



Voltage 110V-240V Ac60Hz/50Hz
Power 550W
Engineering volume flow 60L/min
Starting pressure 0.5Mpa
Exhaust pressure 0.8Mpa
Noise 40-45dB
Net weight 26KG
Gross Weight 31KG
Package dimensions 42x33x62cm

Usage Of The Main Accessories/Fitings


  1. Hand-piece

Please read the instruction carefully for hand-piece installation and maintenance.

When using high-speed hand-piece.Turn on the switch, drive to high-speed position, and adjust the working pressure of the hand-piece between 0.18Mpa-0.22Mpa. At this time , the speed of the high-speed hand-piece should be the standard(≥300x10m'r/min).

When the working pressure of the low-speed hand-piece is between 0.28MPa-0.32MPa, the speed should be the standard speed (≥14000rimin)


Attention:①The connector should be carefully aligned to avoid damage since the thread of the hand-piece is extremely thin.

②The hand-piece must with a drill or install a test stick when using

Do not start it over it over-voltage


2.Three way-spring

①Press ring nut, insert the tip, and then release the nut to lock the tip.

②Thee identification of water and gas on the spraying gun should be consistent with the water and gas mark from the button.



Pick up the suction device, adjust the weak suction control valve to control the suction, and the liquid in the saliva bottle should be removed in time when it reaches 2/3 of the bottle.

Attention:For washing the sewage saliva bottle,please suck a cup of clean water.



4.Water purification bottle

The distilled water in the water purification bottle is the water source for the high and low speed hand-piece, the three spring guns and the scale. Distilled water is used to protect adding water, please turn off the gas switch, remove the bottle, add distilled water, and then tighten the bottle to avoid air leakage.

Attention:Please turn off the switch before adding water.


5.Gas supply system

The sewage bottle must be cleaned every day after us, cleaned with clean water, then disinfecled with 84 disinfectant, and then  lightened.



6.Sewage bottle

The oil free air compressor has been tested before packed.It will start immediately and supply air to the gas tank once turn on the power switch. The air pressure displayed on the air compressor pressure gauge will start from O Bar to 6Bar.The air compressor will automatically start working. When the pressure of the air tank is lower than 4Bar. While stop working when it reaches 6Bar. The above cycle is how it works.

Attention:For safety reason, Non-professionals should not operate or disassemble this equipment.