Dental cleaning machine VIC-A002


Custom Combination Cabinet

Model: MQ-A002


Rated Power:138DW

Standard Capacity:103L

Energy Saving water (energy )consumption:8 5L

Waterproof level: IPX1

Water inlet pressure:004MPa-1.00/Pa

physical dimension:595 x 605 x 550mm

Net weight:30kg

Standard energy:0.7kw/h

Quality stainless steel liner

  • High-quality integrally formed stainless steel lier
  • No deformation, no cracking, no leakage, firmer
  • Never aging anddeformation.
  • Professional sound insulation treatment, quiet operation, easier work.
  • Standard cleaning, meet the requirements of the new oral disinfection technical specifications, and the cleaning quality is high.
  • Safe and reliable:70 c hot water omni-detection high-pressure water flow4D main body spay system., effectively remove blood stains.
  • Simple operation: automatic cleaning to avoid personnel infection and reduce labor intensity.
  • Perfect internal cleaning of 20 dental instruments and mobile phones to avoid instrument damage.
  • Environment protection and energy-saving .less than 12 liters of water per cleaning is less than the water consumption for manual cleaning.