Dental Cabinet VIC-Y001A


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Model: MQ-Y001A

Cabinet Size :  840x500x500mm

Weight: 32.15Kg


Dental Cabinet MQ-YOO1A is Anti-corrosion coatings that allow for added protection of metal surfaces and acts as a barrier to inhibit the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials. These can be ways that are applied to reduce the negative goods of erosion.


Dental Cabinet MQ-YOO1Ause the anti-rust coating is very important. Certain types of metals have oxidation reactions that result in a less rapid process of corrosion. As an example, brass, copper, and bronze form a patina that shields these metals.

3. waterproof:

Dental Cabinet MQ-YOO1A is Water Resistant, Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets.

4. anti-fingerprint,


Three resistance

1. scratch resistance,

2. wear resistance,

3. high temperature,

4. Resistance,

5. Moisture resistance


no formaldehyde,

no radiation,

no odor,

no paint

The bottle of high-quality soft rubber universal wheel, can be easily moved, followed by medical personnel to operate, can brake, lock the wheel.