Camera System VIC-196


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WIFI Intra oral camera system with 17
17” mutil media USB disk built in camera
1.New model of 1/4 COMS high resolution intra or all camera connect 17 inch LCD screen.
2.17 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast.lightness and color.
3.With high resolution,high performance and auto focus.
4.Built in 6pcs high crightness long-lift white LED.
5.The front three control buttons:Freeze,Save,Preious imager next,image delete,and the reverse side control buttons:freeze and save.
6.Using the latest technolgy that can cave 128pcs images through the U-disk,the images could be permanentlu stored.
7.Full quad images can compare in different angles,dispaly the clear images.
8.Multimedia input:Video,USB.VGA and HDIMI.
9.Multimedia features make the diapaly superior perfirmance,can be directly connected to the MP3,U-disk and other electronic quipment,play movie,music and files in JPG format.