8900 Dental Chair


Integral dental unit 8900


The seamless connection between the unit box module and the cuspidor module makes it look natural .  The water rushing & supplying platform, tool tray and assistant table are made of acrylic material which is beautiful and exquisite, not only has high wear resistance, but also can resist many kinds of chemical corrosion to eliminate many troubles for you. With multi-purpose planting lights, intelligent touch control system, multi-directional adjustment headrest and ergonomic seat cushions, you can use it handy. What is more.its linkage-movement function and collision avoidance system make it safe and make you comfortable.

Tool tray

Intelligent key-touch control system with 9 memories and low bottle water alarm function. The tray pad is autoclavable.

Assistant tray

Intelligent key-touch assistant control system with a table for assistant, makes job easier.


The headrest can be slide along the track, then you can lock a suitable position and angle by rotary switch. Can be adjusted to the children use.

Implant LED lamp

The sensor implant LED lamp can be switched between white light and yellow light, the color temperature is adjustable, always provide you with the best light source.

Chair frame

The unique chair frame were integrated with new trend and our design idea, with the function of linkage-movement and collision avoidance system.

Foot pedal

The six-function foot pedal with the six functions of the spittoon flush and water supply, chair up and down, backrest forward and backward, handpiece water and air supply


Microfiber leather upholstery which is made of soft material and the unique chair design is ergonomic, allows the patient relax while lying down

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Standard Configuration :

4 hole(2 hole/6 hole)  high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set
4 hole(2 hole/6 hole)  Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
3-way syringe (cold and hot)   2 piece
Adjustable headrest    1 set
New design double armrest 1 set
New design down tray with acrylic material with touch control 1 set
With autoclavable silicone pad,maximum bearing temperature is 135-degrees;
6-posistion for handpieces ,syringe, scaler and micro motor
Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
Silicon mat Autoclaveable  1pc
LED operation lamp with sensor(white and yellow light) 1 set
American style lamp arm 1set
Build-in model Lcd X-film viewer 1 set
24V DC motors 1 set
Assistant tray with acrylic material with touch control 1 set
Water purified system 1 set
Water heating system 1 set
Water bottle 1 pcs (600ML)
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set each
Fixed ceramic cuspidor 1 set
Acrylic material table 1set
Multi-function foot pedal VIC-106 1 set
Big size dentist stool VIC-147 1 piece
Micro-fiber leather cushion 1 set
Solenoid valve VIC-097 2 pcs
ABS plastic covers 1 set
PVC air and water tubes
All kinds of copper valves
Chair with 9 memories positions
With low water alarm function
Chair with safety system
Linked movement chair frame
Aluminium backrest
New base(steel paste with strong PU cover)
Without options(handpieces, scaler,curing light,air compressor,suction unit,oral camera system)
Packing size: 170*115*125CM

Certificate : ISO13485 , CE (SGS)