2311 Dental Chair




2311 dental chair are made of high quality materials, and the design is fashionable and novel .

The cushion and backrest are widened , soft and comfortable, and the overall structure is reasonable .

The doctor can operate more easily .

Floor box:
1.(Can build in or build out )sometimes in order to make integral dental look cleaner and more beautiful, some customer will ask to put the floor box under the dental. Separately or under the chair depends on which on you like.

2.(Button, logo and fuse on the back of the ground box)Behind the floor box, before operation, we need to turn on the switch, when you open it, the light will be green. And we make label of paying attention of the high voltage to avoid the accident. These are the fuse, each one is 5 ampere, we can also change it to be 10 ampere according to your request.

3.Inside the floor box, we have water filter and air filter reducer. Besides there is a steel plate, it can make the floor box more stable and secure and not roll.
And the transformer’s power supply is 220V, nowadays more and more human pay attention to health, wave filter can reduce the electric radiation.

Tool tray
(Air lock, multi-pass, tube hoop, 24V, mobile phone tube,)
To the tool tray, you can move to any position when you push the air switch, these screw are used stainless steel and not easy to rust.
Open it, we can see the 3 in 1 valve, multi-connector, adjustor, all these are made of copper. And as you see each tube we have tube coupling to prevent separate.
At the same time, we have tradition that we always set aside a certain length, it is convenient for you to cut when you use the tube for some time.


Standard Configuration :

1. High-speed handpiece tubing with connector  2 set

2. Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector   1 set

3. 3-way syringe (cold and hot)    2 piece

4. Adjustable headrest  1 set

5. Double armrest   1 set

6. New design down-mounted tool tray with touch  1 set

7.5-posistion for handpieces,syringe and scaler

8. Water suction and saliva ejector    1 set each

9. LED operation lamp with sensor  1 set

10.American style lamp arm   1set

11.Build in 24V X-film vewer   1 set

12.24V DC motors   1 set

13.Asistant control sytem with touch   1 set

14.Water purified system   1 set

15.Water heating system  1 set

16.Water bottle 1 pcs

17.Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set each

18.Turnable ceramic cuspidor   1 set

19.Multi-function foot pedal VIC-108    1 set

20.Dentist stool VIC-008   1 piece

21.PU leather cushion 1 set

22.Foot Pad   1set

23.Solenoid valve  2 pcs

24.ABS plastic covers 1 set

25.PVC air and water tubes

26.All kinds of copper valves

27.Chair without memory

28.Chair without safety system

29.Packing size: (1) 142*110*110cm  16unit/20GP, 32unit/40GP

30. Certificate: CE,EMC,ISO13485;RoHS;free sale certificate

31. Test report: IEC60601-1, IEC60601-2.

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Chair Frame The unique chair frame design ,makes the dental chair more stable overall.
Unit Box With new type filter
Tool tray Large square hanging tool tray with intelliget key touch contral system
Lamp arm American type lamp arm

CE/ISO 13485 /Medical Device Certificate