2311 Dental Chair



4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set
Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
3-way syringe(cold and hot) 2 pieces
Strong and weak suction 1 set each
Adjustable headrest 1 set
Double armrest VIC-245 1 set
Top-mounted tool tray VIC-229 1 set
5-position for handpieces, syringe and scaler
Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
Halogen Operation lamp VIC-073 1 set
24V film viewer 1 set
24V DC motors 1 set
Assistant control sytem with sensor control pannel 1 set
Water purified system 1 set
24V Water heating system 1 set
Water bottle 1 pc
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set
Turnable ceramic cuspidor VIC-177 1 set
6 functions foot pedal 1 set
Dentist stool 1 piece
PU leather cushion 1 set
Solenoid valve 2 pcs
ABS plastic covers 1 set
PVC air and water tubes
All kinds of copper valves
Without memories
Chair frame without linked movement 1 set
Without safety system
Without options(handpieces, scaler,curing light,air compressor,Oral camera system )
Packing size: 142*100*120cm 16unit/20GP, 32unit/40HQ




  1. Preparation:

Decide where to install the machine according to the overall arrangement,lighting and avaiability of the clinlc.Put the machine in a clean,dry,draughty and cool place as good working conditions.Make sure that the dental chair chassis contacts the even and solid floor.Under the floor box,there must be inlets/outlets for water,gas and electricity for the

machine within the range of l40X120mm.The water inlet pipe and air intake pipe should be

the 8X5 pipes.The drainpipe should be the hosepipe at中Φ40mm(3/2”).The port of each pipe is about 40mm away from the the floor.The input wire should be the 3—core 1mm Jacketed cord.about 40mm away from the floor.And connect the protective ground wire well.For the detailed dimensions,please see Fig.2.

  1. Unpacking inspection:

Unpack the W/CASE to verify that the whole machine is intact. And check whether the accessories and spare parts are complete and intact according to the packing list.For any questions,please inquire the dealer or our company at once.

  1. Installing the main unit

Firstly,put the dental chair in the right place.The design of this machine considers the stability of the whole machine,so the foot-fixing screws are unnecessary.But the dental chair chassis must contact the even and solid floorfor fear of accidents

In case of rotation or declining of the whole machine due to the uneven floor,one can fasten the six M12 inner hexad flat end fixing screws into the six M10 screwed boles on the dental chair chassis,and make it fully contact the floor.During the adjustment,Please keep the whole machine even and guarantee as many contact points as possible,so as to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

4. Installing the mouth lamp

Put the wire from the light arm through the lampstand,and then connect the two well.After that.connect the wire connector on the lamp arm to that in the dental cabinet,and put them into the column.Then put the lampstand onto the column,and put the lamp arm in the right place(Note:don’t damage the wire.)

Connect the lamp base wire inserter through the decorative jacket to the lamp arm wire inserter,insert the lamp base handle into the lamp arm hole,and fasten with screws(see Fig.3),and then cover the screw and seam with the decorative jacket.

  1. Installing the base
  2.  Pipeline connection
  3. Power connection
  4. Installing the hand-piece


Testing and adjustment

  1. Turbine hand-piece(optional)

Connect water and air pipeline and power supply. The water pressure should be maintained between 0.2~0.4MPa, and an excessively low pressure will not be able to ensure supplying the water required for normal operation, while an excessively high pressure will affect the water-tightness of unit. The regulating range of filter-regulator should be 0.55~0.6Mpa, and if this is not the case, the filter-regulator should be adjusted accordingly to ensure that air pressure is within the correct range. To do so, open the base cover, pull up the rotating handle on the top of filter-regulator for about 10mm(as shown in figure 4), then rotate the handle clockwise for greater pressure and anticlockwise for smaller pressure.

The turbine hand-piece is a precision part. Please read product manual before using the turbine hand-piece


The water used by the hand piece directly comes from the water tank whose output pressure is determined by the pressure of air entering the water tank, while the air pressure is controlled by a dedicated reducing valve provided inside the base of dental unit. To check the pressure, open the base cover and check the pressure meter on the reducing valve, whose value should be 0.2MPa, and if this is not the case, the reducing valve should be adjusted accordingly to achieve this value. The method is same as that for adjusting the filter-regulator.

Pick up the turbine hand-piece from the hanger and step on the pneumatic-control switch(large switch), the hand piece will rotate and cooling water will be ejected, and the hand piece is ready for operation. Attention: at this time, the pressure indicated by the pressure meter on the instrument tray is the working pressure of hand piece (*1), which must not exceed the rated maximum pressure to prevent damage. If the working pressure needs to be adjusted, please use the main control valve provided on the back of instrument tray for the purpose(as shown in figure 5). Turn it clockwise for smaller pressure and anticlockwise for greater pressure, and please adjust carefully by degrees. When the small switch is pressed, the hand piece will not rotate, but only send out air for blowing off chips.      


  1. Please remove the dental bur only after the high-speed or low-speed hand-piece is fully stopped or it may cause damage to the bur holder, the bur may fall off and cause injury to human.     
  2. Only high quality dental bur and bolts with suitable size should be used.
  3. Before starting every day’s work, please check the condition of bur holder to make sure that the bur is securely fastened into the hand piece.

After replacing the bur in high-speed hand piece, try pulling it outwards to make sure that it is properly installed.  

  1. The bur diameter should be between 1.59 -1.60mm(ISO1797 Category III) and the maximum length should be 25mm(ISO6360-1).
  2. The high-speed hand piece may only be used when a bur or repair tool is installed.  
  3. When the unit is in use, please do not press the bur release button because the friction between the button and the impeller of pneumatic motor will cause overheating in the head and may result in damage.


2. Saliva aspirator
The unit is equipped with a saliva aspirator which will be ready for working when it is picked up from the hanger. As water is needed for weak suction, water supply must be connected and the minimum working pressure must be ensured. Suction (low) is water suction. Connection through water source is required, and minimum water level is required to be ensured; suction (strong) is air suction. Connection through air source is required, and minimum air level is required to be kept

3. Water storage bottle
The water used by the hand piece directly comes from the water storage bottle, and it is necessary to fill medical distilled water into the bottle in a timely manner. The way of filling water: turn off the air lock on the chassis and wait until the compressed air inside the bottle is discharged, hold the bottle with both hands and rotate it clockwise to remove it, fill water in it and rotate anticlockwise to press it tight against the bottle cap (paying attention to water-tightness), reinstall the bottle, turn on the air lock and the filling process is completed.
4. Headrest
The unit’s headrest can be adjusted between two positions including the adult position and children position, and the rotating angle and height of headrest are adjustable for these two positions(as shown in figure 6). To adjust the rotation angle, just hold the headrest, turn handle 1# to the required position and then tighten the handle. To adjust the height, simply pull up or push down the headrest to the required height, and the optimal position can be achieved by combining angle and height adjustment. Attention: it is important to ensure that the headrest is used only after it is securely locked into place after adjustment to prevent accident during use.
Attention: because the backrest of dental chair has a large range of motion, it is necessary to ensure that no object which may come into contact with the backrest exists within the range during operation in order to prevent accident.
Remark: *1. Technically, between the pressure indicated by the pressure meter on instrument tray and the actual working pressure of hand piece, there is a certain difference, which is exactly the pressure loss at the pipeline of hand piece. However, from the user’s perspective, it is important to regard the pressure indicated on the instrument tray as the working pressure of hand piece in order to prolong its service life.