10 Advantages Of Using Portable Dental Chairs Which You Should Know

Portable Dental Chair Advantages

Dental chairs are probably one of the most important dental equipment for dentists. This is where dentists perform different procedures for their patients and as such, it is vital to how well a dentist can perform these procedures. Because of advancements in technology, dental chair designs have continually evolved to provide utmost comfort and convenience not just for the dentist, but more so for the patients who would be sitting on it for hours.

Through technology, modern dental chairs have incorporated new and different functionalities such as adjustable height, massage systems, built-in heaters, and touchpad controls among others.

Aesthetics of dental chairs have also been improved. While largely ignored before, there are now new designs that dentists can choose from, adding a nice touch and appeal to their clinics. Among the more modern technologies in the dental industry are portable dental chairs. The concept of these chairs is centered around its mobility and ease of use. Below are some of the advantages of using portable dental chairs:

1. Can Be Used Anywhere

As the name implies, the main advantage of having a portable dental chair is that it could be brought and used anywhere. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It gives dentists more flexibility regarding the area that could be serviced. This makes it the best type of dental chair for field operations, community outreach programs, and dental missions. With a portable dental chair, previously unreachable communities were now reachable.

2. Keeps Patients at Their Comfort Zone

Patients no longer have to go to the clinic or to take a day off from work to get their oral hygiene needs. Treatment could be done at home and at their own pace. It is also a good option for those who have patients who are senior citizens or persons with disabilities who have a hard time going to dental clinics for their dental needs. Further, there are patients who do not like the environment in hospitals and clinics. Having a portable dental chair will allow these people to get their much-needed dental treatments.

3. Convenient for Transporting

Because it is lightweight, it is easy for it to be transported. Portable dental chairs are foldable or collapsible, making it easy for them to be transported whether it be by land, air, or sea. These chairs could fit in most vehicles and are light enough to not cause any damage when transported.

4. Easy to Install

Portable dental chairs are easy to install. All you have to do is to put the parts together. They come with manuals you can follow and these manuals provide a step by step guide to assembling your portable dental chair.

5. Space Saver

Having limited space in your clinic or your work area is no problem when you have a portable dental chair. There is no need to have a stationary dental chair that takes up most of the space in your work area. With a foldable dental chair, your work area will look more pleasing and cleaner to the patient’s eye. It also saves you on the amount of rent you would need to pay for a larger area if you are using a traditional dental chair.

6. Cost-Efficient

Having a portable dental chair is cost-efficient. If you have two or more dental clinics, having a portable dental chair can save you a lot of money. You would no longer have to buy multiple dental chairs for your different clinics. You could easily use it in one clinic and bring it to another the next day. Additionally, you could save up by not leasing space at all. A portable dental chair can be either set up at your residence or the place of the patient.

7 . No Need for Water and Pressurized Air

Most traditional dental chairs require access to water or pressurized air to work. This means that it cannot just be set up and used. A dentist should be able to connect to a water source and a compressor for pressurized air. Having a portable dental chair not only saves you the hassle of finding access to water and pressurized air but also saves you the additional money you would need to spend for these with a regular dental chair.

8. Less Susceptible to Mechanical Problems

Because the concept centers on its ease of use and assembly, portable dental chairs have components that are simpler than regular dental chairs. They do not have complex wirings, motors, and machineries which, more often than not, are susceptible to damage and would require costly repair or replacement.

9. Cheaper and Easier to Find Parts

Given that the parts of a portable dental chair are simple, it follows that they are easy to find. Should any part of it need repair or replacement, you would not need a long time to source the parts for replacement as compared to those from regular chairs which are either rare or expensive. Because they are simple everyday parts, they are also not that costly to buy compared to complex materials needed for other chairs. Further given that the components of a portable dental chair are separable, should, for example, the upholstery of the leg rest needs fixing, you do not need to have the whole seat repaired, only the part with the torn or worn-out upholstery.

10. Low-Cost Maintenance

Regular dental chairs are made up of complex parts that dentists or assistants will have a hard time tinkering with. For these types of chairs, you need to invest in regular maintenance and checking by a qualified technician. With a portable dental chair and its bare-bones design, you would save up on regular maintenance as its part are simple, easy to fix and does not require technical expertise for maintenance. At most, you just have to make sure that your portable dental chair is regularly cleaned and properly stored to lessen the normal wear and tear.

Important Components to Check in a Portable Dental Chair

1. Adjustable Back Rest

The total body position of the patient is important when doing a dental procedure. Your portable dental chair should be able to recline its seat. This is because some procedures require that the patients are close to lying down while other procedures allow for the patient to be seated normally. Most procedures would require an angle which is close to 45 degrees.

2. Adjustable Head Rest

An adjustable headrest is essential for the dentist to be able to perform the procedure properly. The position of a patient’s head depends on the procedure to be done. If, for example, the dentist needs to do a procedure on the patient’s upper teeth, it would be hard to do so if the headrest cannot be adjusted and tilted backward given that the person’s head would be facing forward. The titling of the headrest allows easier access to the different parts of the patient’s mouth and adjusts the position of the patient’s head depending on the procedure to be done.

3. Leg Rest

A leg rest is mainly for comfort. As a patient sits down on a dental chair for hours, it would feel uncomfortable if his legs were hanging down the entire time. The patient would feel uneasy and might move around too much which could disturb the dentist doing the procedure.

4. Comfortable Cushion

Patients are stuck in dental chairs, possibly for hours while the dentists do the procedure. Imagine sitting on a dental chair that has a hard cushion for hours. Patients will not only feel uncomfortable and weary but worst, they could develop back pain or back injuries. Look for a portable dental chair with a soft cushion so as to make patients feel comfortable and to help them have a better body balance for a smooth procedure.

5. Rotatable Spittoon

One of the most important and usual parts of doing a dental procedure is the need for the patient to rinse his mouth. Different types of instruments enter a patient’s mouth. Further, some procedures may result in gum bleeding, of which the patient must rinse his mouth to remove the blood. The spittoon is the container where the patient spills out the water after rinsing.

6. Instrument Tray

In doing a procedure, a dentist uses different hand instruments such as mouth mirrors, explorers, and forceps among others. An instrument tray makes it easier for the dentist to reach for the following instruments when needed. A dentist can easily pull out and place all the instruments needed for a given procedure in the instrument tray, removing the need to stand up during the procedure every time a new instrument is needed.

7. Dental Chair Light

A dental light helps the dentist to focus on the part of the mouth where the procedure is to be done. Without this, it would be hard for the dentist to spot cavities and calcular deposits.

Some Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Dental Chair

Size and Weight

Since the main proposition of a portable dental chair is its mobility, consider the size and weight of the chair you are eyeing compared to the vehicle or mode of transport that you would be using. Take into consideration whether the size and weight model that you are buying would fit into your car or whether it is compliant with the allowable luggage for airlines.

Upholstery Material

Since you would be regularly transporting it, the accumulation of dirt can be a problem. As such, opt for a dental chair with a material that could easily be cleaned with the use of a towel like those made of synthetic leather or those with plastic coverings. Avoid those with fabrics and cloth which easily accumulate dirt given that these materials need to be removed and washed regularly to avoid stains and discoloration.

Supported Weight

Check if the portable dental chair you are buying has a weight limit and up to what weight it could support. These chairs do not have a standard weight limit and vary from chair to chair. Make sure to buy the chair with the weight limit that would accommodate the majority of your patients.

Admittedly, access to proper dental care is currently limited. These portable dental chairs are an ideal and fast solution to providing dental care for hard to reach areas around the world. They are designed for mobility and easier distribution of dental services, making them the best choice for both practicing dentists who offer dental services across different locations and for dentists who engage in community outreach missions in areas not currently reached by traditional dental services.

Apart from the need to reach places where there are limited dental services, there has also been a rising trend in the use of portable or mobile dental equipment because of both necessity and the demand for comfort. Research shows that by 2050, the population of those aged 65 and above is projected to reach 83.7 million in the United State alone. This would be a lot higher if we consider the global figure. This means that the availability of portable equipment will be critical in providing for the proper dental needs of aged patients.

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