Top 10 Dental Chair Manufacturer in the Global Market



The competition in the market of dental chair manufacturer is quite a steep one. Albeit, this market is dominated by a few manufacturers that are either local or global sellers. This divide means that it is extremely difficult for one company to get ahead of the competition on all fronts. The leading manufacturers of dental chairs primarily dominate their specific regions. The question is, which one offers the best products?

To answer this question, we will be taking a look at the 10 highest rated and most in-demand dental chair supplier from around the globe. We will also be discussing the key factors that you should consider in a top-notch quality dental chair manufacturer. For example, quality of products, innovation offered, technological advancements, and overall customer feedback will all factor into the making of this list.

Each dental chair manufacturer on this list offers a different approach in their products. Some focus on re-designs based on feedback and the main user base. Others focus on creating dental chairs that are designed for specific clinical access. Others offer optimum comfort to their clients. Essentially, each entry in this list has fine-tuned and honed their craft to deliver a product that is unique to their brand.

Here are the top 10 dental chair manufacturers in the Global Market today.

  1. Vic Dental

A relatively new name in the dental chair manufacturer market, Vic Dental is steadily climbing up the ranks as one of the most sought-after brands in the dental apparatus developer industry. The company began manufacturing dental chairs a decade ago (2006) and has steadily built a positive reputation in the Chinese market thanks to the quality and affordability of their products.

Vic Dental’s products have CE certification which means all of their products conform to strict health, safety, environment protection code. This is an essential aspect for any self-respecting medical equipment manufacturer. They also have ISO 13485 certification which guarantees quality management.

Vic Dental’s flagship dental chair series are the V2 and V3 series which incorporates silent air compressor oil technology. They also manufacture and sell other dental tools and medical equipment. Vic Dental has actually branched out of the Chinese market and onto the international scene as they have now built consistent contracts within Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and even the United States.

The company focuses primarily on production, sales, and services revolving around quality dental chairs. The company’s motto of “Trustworthiness first” has clearly served them well as the company has grown by leaps and bounds in just a matter of years. An impressive achievement in this market that is primarily dominated by a handful medical R&D companies. Overall, Vic Dental is a company that will surely be making more waves in the future as one of the premier dental chair manufacturers in Asia.  If any other brand need OEM orders , feel free to contact the person .


  1. Danaher

One of the most reputable medical equipment manufacturers in the world, Danaher develops and sells various equipment that centers on science, dental, and environmental and applied solutions. They are among the most trusted brands when it comes to developing quality dental chairs.

Danaher also develops software programs that offer detailed diagnostics for dentists. They are also known for developing quality high precision dental tools which you have probably encountered once or twice in your local dentist clinic.

Just recently, Danaher has made rounds in the news as they are now planning to turn their dental equipment development branch into a public and publicly traded company. This is seen as a way for Danaher to better improve and accelerate the growth of their dental segment.

Danaher has continued to adapt with the changing times so expect them to be one of the focal points in this industry for years to come. Danaher, at the moment, holds over 20 fully operational companies located around the globe and is home to 67,000 plus associates.


  1. A-dec Designs

Another well-known company that manufactures and sells various dental equipment. Based in Newberg, Oregon, A-dec is a company that was founded back in 1964 and has managed to position itself as one of the premier manufacturers and supplier of high-quality dental equipment around the world.

Their premier series of dental chair is the A-dec 500 which they introduced back in 2004 and has since become one of their most well-received products. The A-dec 500 has also gone through numerous iterations ever since and has evolved to become one of the best dental chair systems in the market today.

Of course, A-dec wouldn’t have been able to stay relevant in a highly competitive market if not for their ability to utilize new technology quickly and efficiently. Not only have they streamlined their processing system with a software that can quickly transfer files and blueprints from design desk to the factory floor, they also managed to quickly adapt to online marketing during the early 2000’s.

A-dec has helped revolutionize the industry of dentistry and their contributions have helped propel dental technology forward into the new millennium. At the moment, A-dec has now shifted their focus on expanding their company in both the domestic and international market. A-dec is an aging lion with more than a couple of new tricks up its sleeve and will remain as one of the top dental chair manufacturers in the world for quite a long time.


  1. Midmark

Midmark is manufacturer and supplier of various medical, veterinary, and dental equipment and technology. The company develops patented dental chairs that incorporate their signature quality and in-house developed technology. Their flagship dental chair series includes the Midmark Elevance, the UltraTrim, and the UltraComfort which all focuses on specific needs of dentists and their clients.

What is quite impressive about this company centers around their humble beginnings. Founded in 1915 and based in Dayton, Ohio, Midmark began its career as a cement mixing company. They soon expanded to developing mining equipment and constantly reinvented their company to keep with the times. It was not until 1986 that Midmark entered the medical equipment manufacturing business.

This new venture turned out to be quite fruitful and Midmark broadened their medical branch to cover dental and veterinary equipment as well. Midmark is a well-decorated manufacturer of medical equipment and has proven the quality of their products time and time again.


  1. Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply began its business in New York during 1899 as a supplier of dentistry products such as ceramic fillings and porcelain teeth. Dentsply was one of the pioneers of revolutionary dental technology thanks to one of their founders, George H. Whiteley. Whiteley innovated the industry when he introduced the platinum ring process which greatly reduced the chances of tooth cracking.

Dentsply Sirona holds a spot as one of the leading market shares in the dental sector. They managed to hold the top spot globally in 2010. While they primarily supplied in the U.S., Dentsply Sirona has recently entered the international market as they focus on further expanding their business.


  1. Planmeca Oy

This Finnish company develops dental equipment and is quite known as one of the leading in cutting-edge dental technology. They offer 3D digital imaging devices, software, and a variety of dental tools and equipment.

They are quite known in the dental market and almost all their products are available in over 100 countries as of this writing. Founded in 1971, Plamenca ascended the industry thanks in huge part to their ability to innovate industry-changing technology to the market.

In 2000’s Plamenca also introduced a dental unit that can be adjusted for right and left-handed dentists. A simple innovation that was surprisingly uncommon until Plamenca developed the new unit. Plamenca Oy is synonymous with high-tech dental equipment and is usually the primary brand for advanced clinics.


  1. Shinhung

This Korean based dental equipment supplier has been in business for close to 5 decades now and has built a solid reputation locally and internationally. Shinhung is also known for developing a wide variety of dental chairs from knee break chairs to arm delivery systems. They have made a reputation for creating innovative features and creating some of the most durable dental apparatus in the market today.

They now already have distribution companies around the world and has cemented their place as one of the most trusted brands in the dental industry. At the moment, their main markets include China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan. However, their presence has been felt throughout Southeast Asia.

Recently, Shinhung has increased their efforts in expanding their business further in the international market. This award-winning company is one of the most prominent brand names in Asia when it comes to dental companies and will continue to be a powerhouse as all signs are pointing up for this Korean-based company.


  1. Takara Belmont

One of the most reputable Japanese dental company, Takara Belmont is a staple brand when it comes to specialized chair development. While known for their robust dental chairs, Takara Belmont is also known for manufacturing and supplying salon chairs.

Based on Osaka, Japan, Takara Belmont was founded in 1921. Starting off as a manufacturer of functional chairs, they entered the medical and dental market in 1971. Their flagship dental chair series are the Pro 2, a full-bodied and heavy-duty dental chair, and the Progress series which offers a sleeker and modern style.

Both series are quite well-known in the dental market due to their high-grade construction and the impressive technology incorporated into each model. The company has also branched outside of Japan with their latest branch being established in Singapore in 2014.


  1. KaVo Dental

Based in Germany, KaVo Dental started its journey in 1890 and has ever since remained one of the biggest and most trusted dental products manufacturers in Europe. Their flagship products include the KaVo Master series, Expert series, and Smart series.

KaVo is among the leading dental chair manufacturer that features state of the art technology with their products. Innovation has always been synonymous with KaVo which is why they have contracts with over 30,000 dental clinics spanning the globe. One of their most popular products is the KaVo Primus 1058 dental chair.

Their products are also known for their time-efficient, convenient, and technologically advanced features. This places them among companies that offer the most advanced dental laboratory equipment in the market. They have also made a mark when it comes to online presence due to their highly accessible webinars which also acts as a press release for new and upcoming products that they will be rolling out in the future.

KaVo Dental currently employs around 3,000 highly trained individuals that operate in their branches located around the world. A true pioneer in the dental technology industry, KaVo is a company trusted by medical experts from different countries.


  1. Morita

A leading manufacturer in the medical technology industry, Morita was founded by Junichi Morita in 1916. Their main branch is located in Kyoto, Japan; and has been one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment in Asia. Their portfolio covers the entirety of dentistry from tools to imaging systems.

Morita has also etched itself into the annals of medical equipment manufacturers and has been one of the most sought-after suppliers in Southeast Asia. Their products offer the highest quality and feature up to date technologies to deliver optimum performance.

Morita is also one of the few companies who has managed to establish their presence on all continents. Their Signo and Soaric series of dental chairs feature sleek and almost space-age like appeal that also incorporates the newest technological advancements in the dental industry.

What Factors Make Up a Top-Notch Dental Chair Manufacturer?

Dental chairs are specially made seats designed to offer not only comfort for the patient but also convenient for the dentist. In this regard, dental chairs require specially made and specific features. The companies that made the list above has managed to perfect the design and development of dental chairs to the letter. But for the layman, a question might still arise as to just what factors separate the subpar to the exceptional?

In order for a dental chair to be considered good, it needs to pass the following test regarding specific aspects of it.

  • Reliability

One of the important factors to consider would be reliability and brand name. The companies above have all reached international prominence and have made a name for themselves based on customer satisfaction and quality of products offered. Brand loyalty is essential for any company wanting to take a crack at the global market.

It is also safe to look at the presence the manufacturer has in their own local market. Do they have factories that are up to industry standards? Can they supply their customers with spare parts quickly and easily? Not only does a dental chair manufacturer need deliver top quality products, they must also offer the ability to reach their customers in a quick and efficient manner.

There is also the simple method of asking other dentists for their recommendations. Chances are most dentist clinics will utilize dental equipment from different brands. You can ask specifics and acquire first-hand experiences to help you determine which brand will suit yours and your patient’s needs.

  • How to Choose the Right Supplier

The manufacturer and supplier must hold all the essential credentials and certificates. This is important to ensure that the customer is well-protected. Dental companies that have CE certificates (among others) guarantees that their products are safe to use and meet the required industry standards.

You should also look for dental chair manufacturers that consist of highly trained and professional technicians. They should also have a reliable and accommodating customer support group. It would also be smart to pick a dental chair supplier that has a branch relatively near your location. This will help reduce downtime in the event that one your equipment breaks down.

Another important factor would be a manufacturer that offers a dental chair and equipment that covers all budget levels. This should help start-up dental clinics save some cash while also allowing them to upgrade in the future without shifting to a different untested brand.

The supplier should also have experts that can answer all question regarding their products. If the manufacturer has their own ‘in-house’ equipment building branch then all the better. This ensures that the factory branch adheres to the qualities set forth by the parent company (i.e. the dental chair manufacturer).

As an additional advice, you should be wary of companies that rush you to sign the orders. Your mind should be completely at ease and satisfied with their products before you decide to sign them as your main supplier. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and take your time.

Features to Consider in a Dental Chair

Fortunately, modern dental chairs now offer a slew of convenient features that were uncommon a decade or so ago. These features have also been implemented to become the industry standard which means you will most likely not have to shell out extra cash.

Double Articulated Headrest – Make sure that the headrest can be adjusted to various heights and angles. This will help you get the best view inside, especially the difficult to reach areas in the mouth.

Sleek Design – Don’t go for a dental chair that is bulky and takes up unnecessary amounts of space. The dentist must be able to move around without parts of the chair impeding their movement.

Child-friendly Design – If possible, look for a headrest that can be detached from the chair. This not only allows children to lie properly using the backrest, it also gives the dentist optimum movement around the seat.

PWD Accessible – Another good feature to look for in a dental chair is its ability to have the headrest reversible. This allows people with disabilities easier access to the chair without straining themselves.

Follows the Basics – Of course, there is nothing wrong with the manufacturer trying to innovate their products. But if this results in a subpar and inconvenient experience for both patients and dentist then it is a major flaw. For example, look for dental chairs that do not have any gap between the seat and backrest. This is important as when the chair is in the supine position, having a gap there might cause the patient to constantly slip through.

Adjustable Headrest Height – This should help accommodate exceptionally tall patients and prevent them from having their legs dangle over the toe board. As you would imagine, that would be quite an uncomfortable position to be in, especially during long sessions.

Movable Armrests – The dental chair’s armrest should be movable so that the dentist will get optimum access during their sessions. This will also help maintain a level of comfort for the patient when compared to simply asking them to scoot their arms.

Take the Patient’s Needs into Consideration

Finally, you should also take the comfort of your patient into consideration when it comes to picking a dental chair supplier. Nobody would want to go back to a dentist whose chair felt awkward and uncomfortable.

The dental chair should rotate and move smoothly. Try to avoid chairs that jerk around as it will just make your patient more nervous than they already are. A dental chair that features soft and orthodontist approved backrest and set should also help alleviate the nervousness of your patient. This should also help them relax throughout long sessions.

Make sure that the dental chair is designed for all body shape, weight, and height. A dental chair should also come with the essential safety features in the event of a medical emergency or if they are having a panic attack. Dental chairs that have safety features will allow the operator the ability to quickly stop operation with a switch of a lever.

Final Thoughts

The best dental chair manufacturers in the world are quite easy to find. However, each one offers a different approach when it comes to their products. Some brands might also be way above your budget. This is why it is important to do a thorough research first as it will help you decide the best supplier to partner up with. The list of dental chair manufacturers above should help you narrow down your choices whether you operate an established dental business or a start-up clinic.