The Top 8 Benefits of Buying Dental Chair China For You

dental chair china

For a dentist, having a good and reliable dental chair is a necessity. This is where he or she performs all the dental procedures. It is very important to have one that is durable and adjustable as some procedures need to be done with the patient sitting, while others require the patient lying down. If the dental chair cannot adjust to these conditions, then the dentist might have a hard time with carrying out a specific procedure, or in the worst case, might not be able to do it as fast and easy as it should be.

Patients should also be taken into consideration when buying a dental chair. This is because patients stay in the dental chair for long periods of time while the procedure is being done. Hence, the dental chair must be comfortable enough for the patient. Otherwise, patients may not want to go to the dentist again because of the uncomfortable feeling of having a dental procedure.

For most dentists, buying a dental chair is the first agenda to building their own clinics. It is the centerpiece of their dental practice. Nowadays, most dentists buy and import dental chair China because of their good quality at reasonable prices. Further, most dental chair parts are made and sourced from China. Even if your dental chairs are imported from other countries sure one part of it or another is from China.

There are also different types of dental chair China to choose from depending on your requirements and needs. Each type has its own strengths but all of them are of the best quality. With dental chair China, you can be sure that these are among the best possible choices in the market.

We have listed down for you below some of the benefits of buying your dental chair China.

1. There Are Several Brands to Choose From

There are a number of manufacturers for a dental chair China and they offer different types of chairs, from standard to portable ones. You will surely be able to find the right dental chair that is fit for your requirements. Before buying, we strongly suggest that you look around, canvass for prices and not just stick to one manufacturer. When choosing which manufacturer to buy from, research about the manufacturer and check if they have all the necessary permits and licenses as well as if they comply with the country’s safety regulations. Also, make sure that the company has a dedicated quality management system which ensures that you would not have any quality issues with the product that you are going to buy from them. This way, you could be sure that your dental chair is safe and reliable.

2. High-Quality and Reasonably Priced

dental chair

Chinese manufacturers are known for their reasonably priced goods. A dental chair China is not an exception. If you continue searching for other dental chairs, you would find that the prices of those made in China are not only competitive in the global market but also among those priced the lowest. Because they are inexpensive but at the same time well made, they are the best option for those who are looking to buy dental chairs in bulk and for those who are just starting out in their dental practice.

3. Durable with Proper Care and Maintenance

Because of their good quality, you can be sure that a dental chair China will last long. For as long as you treat it with care and not be reckless, a dental chair China would not easily break or have some damage. Apart from normal wear and tear, proper maintenance will ensure that your dental chair will work properly all throughout same as the first time you bought and used it. Proper maintenance includes constant cleaning and disinfection, air and water supply must be regularly checked to avoid clogging and periodic checking and service by a licensed technician must be done.

Further, you might need to have the upholstery repaired or replaced once every few years because these can get ripped or their stitches might be removed. If you do all this, much like for any other machine, your dental chair will last longer, and you won’t encounter any trouble with its performance.

4. Parts Are Easy to Source

If you go to a dentist, check it his or her dental chair, it is probably made in China, or at least some of its parts are. Given that dental chair China are common and most dentists use them, their parts are not that hard to find and there are technicians who can easily repair them.

Unlike other dental chairs from Europe or the United States whose parts might be hard to find, parts from China are more often than not readily available. This means it will not take to long for you to get the parts and have your dental chair fixed. Further, you can be sure that those parts are inexpensive and reasonably priced as well.

5. Complete with All the Basic and Necessary Functionalities

For dental chairs, there are a lot of basic components that are important. These basic components should be available and present in every dental chair. A dental chair should be retractable with a seat, a headrest, a backrest, armrests and a leg rest. It must have attached to it compressed air, water line, spittoon bowl, micromotor and an overhead light. A control panel with buttons or touchscreen should also be present. These are basic functionalities in a dental chair which are needed to properly perform dental procedures.

It is also a basic requirement that dental chairs should be comfortable for the patient’s use so that the patient would be comfortable while the procedure is ongoing. For this, you might want to look at the cushion or foam of the dental chair and choose that which is neither too hard nor too soft.

Further, there are also portable dental chairs available should there be a need for you to perform dental procedures in different places or if you have patients who, for example, are senior citizens and can no longer afford to go to your clinics. These portable dental chairs are equipped as well with the basic components you need to perform the procedures properly while at the keeping your patient comfortable.

With a dental chair china, you can be sure that it has complete parts essential for a dentist to carry out the required dental procedures while at the same time providing comfort to the patient, allowing him to stay still while the procedure is being done.

6. They are highly customizable for your aesthetic needs

However, given that the dental chair would most likely be the center or main attraction of your clinic and it would possibly be the very first thing that your patient would notice, it is important for your dental chair to be both aesthetically pleasing at the same time it would complement the theme or style of your clinic.

To do this, when you order a dental chair China, it can be customized depending on your requirements. It can be customized in terms of fabric, color and finishes to fit the overall aesthetic of your clinic.

7. Extensive Shipping and Payment Options

One of the more common apprehensions of buying a dental chair China is the concern on shipping and payment. For shipping, you can easily research and look for a shipping agent who would take care of handling your shipment and cargo and would handle the necessary customs procedures and documentations. Sometimes, you could get a good discount depending on the shipping agent that you find. You could also get huge discounts both on the products and on the shipping costs if you buy multiple number of units per transaction. Further, we advise that you use a container basis when it comes to the imported item’s value rather than a unit basis because dental chairs tend to take up a lot of space.

On the matter of payment, there are several payment channels and payment options available. You could either pay online, through credit or over the counter through partner payment centers or sourcing agents. For online, you can opt to pay via international wire transfer which is the most commonly used payment option or through PayPal which serves as an online credit card, making it safe because you don’t have to actually give away your credit card details.

Conversely, you can also pay either by credit card or through a letter of credit. If you want to pay by cash, you can head to payment partners such as Western Union or you could hire third party sourcing agents. Hiring agents has it perks because it allows you to pay via cash on delivery. It also affords an added layer of quality management as the agent would check the product before making payment.

Sourcing dental chairs from China has wonderful perks. You get quality, state of the art technology needed for your dental practice at inexpensive and reasonable prices. If you want to view dental chairs from China personally, there are a lot of dental conventions around the world which showcases different dental equipment including dental chair China. Compare the functionalities and the prices of these from those made from other prices to see how cost efficient and smart it is to buy them.

You may have different apprehensions regarding buying a dental chair China. We hope that with all that we have laid out, you could see that it is worth it to take the leap. After all, dental chair manufacturers from China offer warranties for their products should some quality issues arise. The first you should do is to research about the different types of products to find those which suit your needs. Then, when you are able to choose, it is time to take the first step in building your dental clinic buy purchasing an inexpensive but good quality dental chair China.

8. Quality Dental Chair China from Vic Dental

If you want a guide on some of the good quality dental chairs you could choose from, listed below are some of the best dental chair China that Vic Dental offers. They are aesthetically beautiful, from the upholstery and designs. Listed below are some of their best brands and the common functionalities present among these different chairs.

Visit Vic Dental’s website and look for the following models:

  • VIC 8900 Dental Chair
  • VIC 2311 Dental Chair
  • VIC DTC 327 Dental Chair
  • VIC V3 Dental Chair
  • VIC Portable Dental Chair

Common specifications and components that come with a VIC dental chair China:

  • 4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set
  • Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
  • 3-way syringe (cold and hot) 2 piece
  • Adjustable headrest 1 set
  • double armrest 1 set
  • back rest 1 set
  • down tray with acrylic material with touch control 1 set
  • 6-posistion for handpieces ,syringe, scaler and micro motor
  • Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
  • LED operation lamp with sensor(white and yellow light) 1 set
  • American style lamp arm 1set
  • Chair with 9 memories positions
  • Build-in model Lcd X-film vewer 1 set
  • Dentist stool VIC-010 1 piece
  • Micro fiber leather cushion 1 set

If you are interested in any of the products listed above, get in touch with VIC dental now for more details and for a quick quotation!