5 Things You Should Know When You Import Dental Chair From China


Dental chairs which are often found in the office of a dentist are of utmost importance to dental practice. Before the arrival of dental chairs, dental patients would have to lie or sit on the floor, an assistant would hold the head of the patient in place, while the dentists would carry out the extraction or perform any minor oral surgery.
The use of a dental chair dates back to the 16th century when an American dentist, Dr. Josiah reformed a Windsor writing chair which he used for his dentistry practice. This chair was basically made up of a wooden chair which had a cushioned headrest, with a small equipment tray fixed to one side. This unique chair can be likened to a lounger or a recliner, however, it is designed in such a way that the dental specialist or dentist can adjust the patient to any suitable position.
These specially designed chairs are fixed on a base which can rotate, and are connected to a dental engine, which is a gadget which provides water, power suction amongst others. Dental chairs are manufactured with numerous attachments which are evident on the chair and on the dental engine as well.
Apart from making the performance of oral surgeries, extractions and oral examinations much easier, it is a medical device which is exclusively constructed to aid the whole body of a patient. Unarguably, a dental chair is one of the best gift you can ever offer a dentist.

Types of Dental Chairs

Ever since the innovation of the first series of dental chairs, there has been a lot of modernizations which has hit the market of dental chairs, hereby making them to be fashioned out from a wide range of fascinating materials which would make the recline feature function automatically amongst other features.

As stated above, there are quite a number of attachments which now gives the newly manufactured dental chairs a wholly enthralling look. The type of dental chair can be classified into three types and this can be described by the chair’s connection with the dental engine, which is a prominent part of a dental process. Below is a succinct breakdown of types of dental chairs;

  1. Ceiling mounted design: All the attachments on the chair present are not proper, however, they are not fixed on the ceiling, and the chair is placed underneath them. Known to be very cheap in the market of dental chairs, it offer dentist only basic features needed to carry out a common dental process.
  2. Mobile independent design: Wheel-mounted chairs alongside with locking appliances or chairs structured in the folding style, which would be utilized in mobile operations. This is cost-effective in underdeveloped parts of a country or a country itself. It is worth its every penny as it serves users with relaxing experience during dental process.
  3. Dental chair mounted design: For this type of dental chair, the dental engine and all the needed attachments are fixed onto the chair itself. It is definitely all dentist preferred choice in the market of dental chairs as it offer users a facile and fantastic dental process experience.

Five (5) Things To Know When You Import Dental Chairs From China

Several years ago, the basis for the selection of a good dental chair, was just a usual routine selection, which was most times selecting the appropriate color for the operation at the standard price. However, in recent times and even now, the dental practitioner is aware of the fact that for a correct dental chair, its constituents and the technologies with which it was designed, would not only determine the comfort of the system, it would also influence the working, efficiency, productivity and profitability of the dental practice as a whole.

The dental practitioner and the designer in charge of the office, needs to spend an ample period of time in improving the environment used for practice. The dental chair needs to meet the physical needs and also harmonize the clinical prerequisite of both the dentist and the members of staff.

In a couple of similar situations, performing a test-run for a new dental chair is not really advisable practicably. This is why it is essential for the dentist to carry out a proper and all-encompassing homework before making the purchase or importation. It would be necessary to look out for sources which have in handy, all the necessary data, both comparative and descriptive. With the use of this data, the selection process would go on smoothly and real-time results would be achieved.

Dental chairs are manufactured by a number of companies in China, and they are in real demand from different countries all over the world. One reason for this, is due to the fact that there is a wide assortment of dental chairs available for purchase. So for dental specialists, the first factor to look into, is to assess the latest chair technology which is currently in use. After doing this, take a view at the state of technology in the next decade, and see if the chair would still be relevant till then, considering the lifespan of the dental chairs. Therefore, it is essential to be able to detect every form of technology in today’s world and see if it would continue for the subsequent years.

Dental chairs which are designed in China, are known to be durable and highly efficient. Furthermore, the purchase of dental chairs in China, have futuristic platforms which allow after-purchase extras due to the fact that the engineering behind dental chairs is changing at a fast rate.

1. Be Sure Of Your Import Rights

Importation of goods generally from China into different countries have diverse regulations which are specific to each country. So for your country, it is essential for you to know the import rights. When you purchase goods from China, the available couriers in place would be responsible for the handling, possibly transportation, and the delivery to your doorstep. So, for a dental chair, the same principle applies. The dental chair has quite a moderate size and hence, the cost for conveyance would not be much, as much time and money would be saved. So before importing a dental chair from Chin, knowing your import rights is essential.

A number of import regulations only pertain to goods which are meant for business or office purposes. It is left to the customs authority to term a particular good as one which is intended for personal use.

2. Ensure That The Importation Of A Dental Chair Is Permitted In Your Country

Looking at goods generally, it is a common fact that there are usually certain goods which are not permitted in a country due to the fact that they could adverse effects on the lives of the citizens of that country. Hence, there are usually regulations which are in place to ensure that those goods do not find their way into the country. In most cases, these goods would be totally restricted from gaining entry into the country except if they are smuggled. For the case of a dental chair, knowing that it has a positive medical effect in the lives of patients, a good number of countries would readily accept the importation.

However, some countries are usually careful of where health equipment and appliances are imported from. So in China, the importation of a dental chair which would give no worries and would guarantee productivity, it is essential that they are gotten from reputable manufacturers.

Also, some countries might want the health regulatory bodies in their country to be in charge of the overall importation of health appliances for the purpose of safety. Since this would be a bulk purchase, there is a huge chance that the cost of importation would be cheaper. So, it would be advisable to work with the plans which your country has in place concerning importation of health appliances and equipment.

3. Know The Right Kind Of Transportation For Your Dental Chair

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This applies to individuals who would rather import the dental chair from China themselves. You would need to determine for yourself which would be appropriate for the transportation to your own country. In most cases, ground transportation is not really an option, apart from been stressful it is often associated to series of theft and smuggling, so it boils down to either air or water transportation.

As an individual, it would be essential that you weigh the chances, and see which would be cost-effective for you, whilst determining the safety of your purchase. The dental chair is quite sensitive, and as such, it is recommended that it should be handled with utmost care and its transportation should be done under the safest of conditions, in order to ensure that none of the parts of the chair undergo damage during the course of transit.

4. Know The Reputability Of The Manufacturer

This is usually one mistakes which people make when they want to purchase products, and it becomes even worse when it comes to health-related products, considering the fact that any little mistake could have an adverse effect on the lives of patients. In China, accessing the dental chairs up for sale are mostly seen online.

These online stores are extension of the physical stores in China, and one would need to vouch for their trustworthiness before purchasing products. Some of the online stores could be swindlers parading as health stores which sell products, and if one falls into their hands, it would be a sorry tale.

Are you are the type of individual that often finds it difficult to make a true evaluation? it is important to ask from people around who know little things about your dental chair of your choice. So in essence, ensure that you verify the reputability of the store and the manufacturer of the dental chair before making an order and eventually a purchase.

5. Know The Price And Compare With Other Prices From Different Manufacturers

Getting to select the choice of your pick is just one out of many problems to be solved when talking of acquiring a dental chair. It is necessary for you to check-up the prices of the dental chairs from other manufacturers and make a vivid compares, still putting in mind that their reputability is also a factor. Comparing prices from two or more manufacturers saves you from lavish spending and also ensure that you make the right pick at the cheapest price.

Once you make your conclusion to pick the dental chair of your choice at a suitable price, you can forge ahead to order and plan for its transportation  right to your doorstep. Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to get your acquired dental chair to your doorstep, it is important to consider the fastest and most affordable means of transportation.


The contribution of the dental chair to the dental practice is very quintessential, this is based on the fact that it is the most visible appliance present in the operating room of the dentist. When a patient is meeting with the dental specialist for the first time, seeing the dental chair with the latest technology input and fashion, is most likely to have a positive effect on the patient, it would also inspire their confidence and make them more open to the dental specialist. With this, the job of the dental specialist is solved to a good extent.

The dental chair is the worktable where the dental specialist and his assistant spend a good number of hours per day, and it is necessary that the dental chair adapts to the practitioner in a number of ways. A slight hitch in the functioning of a dental chair could have an adverse effect on the productivity, and the work quality, and in the long run, the career of the dental specialist is affected.

So, in importing a dental chair from China, the aforementioned factors should be put into place to ensure that there are no form of regrets after its purchase.